"I recently had gum grafts done at West Hill Dental Center and the process was quick and easy. The office took care of getting approval from my dental insurance, giving me printed information on the procedure and going over it with me, and providing support afterwards by answering questions that came up. The procedure itself was pain-free and although I had some expected soreness for a few days afterwards, there was no bleeding or bruising despite major work being done on the gums next to four of my teeth. Dr Little and his staff are warm and caring professionals that will help you sail through any procedure with confidence!"

Becky, Portland October 2012

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"I was really nervous for getting my tooth pulled so Dr. Little wore pink gloves to make me feel better and it was painless. Dr. Little rocks and always will."

Sarah, 10 years old

"Dr. Little and his staff literally changed my life. I came to him with extensive dental problems. Dr. Little explained my options, worked nothing less than a miracle giving me back my smile & confidence - something that I have not had in years. Dr. Little & his staff are compassionate and caring. I am so thankful I found them. I wish it had only been sooner! I actually cannot wait for my next visits!"


"I survived my cleaning and cavity filling - it wasn't bad at all! (I'm not at all scared for life!) Thanks so much!"


"Dr. Little laughed after my last appointment when I said "that was borderline pleasant", but the cutting-edge technology he is enlisting that virtually eliminates all pain from the process of getting a filling is no joke."


“Until this year I hadn’t seen a Dentist for 15years. Needless to say my teeth were in a really bad state. I had been putting off seeing a Dentist for so long as I was afraid about the pain of having 15years of neglect sorted out. But then a friend told me about Dr. Little and how he performs Fear Free Sedation Dentistry. So I made an appointment and felt comfortable with Dr. Little, so I decided to proceed with the treatment. On the day of my appointment I arrived at the practice anxious and scared but within a few minutes the team had put my mind at ease. My appointment lasted 5hours but all of my dental problems were sorted out and I DIDN’T FEEL ANY PAIN AT ALL! When I came to I had no memory of the procedure and felt completely at ease. I am no longer afraid of the Dentist and now visit Dr. Little every 6months for a check up. Sedation Dentistry changed my life."

Anne, Portland, Oregon

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