Children’s Dentistry is a completely safe technique and will help your child to achieve and maintain dental health.


A child’s teeth play an essential role in who they are as an individual. It is essential that they are looked after gently and carefully. Baby teeth can help pave the way for secondary teeth, enhance speaking ability and chewing function.

It is essential to begin caring for your child’s teeth from an early age. It is very important not to wait until your child experiences tooth ache to visit us. By visiting Dr. Little from an early age, it can help to eliminate the fear of the Dentist and establish a good dental routine that can be followed throughout their lives. Dr. Little can even make dental appointments fun! Your child gets a ride in the dental chair, we count their teeth and have some fun with the dental camera. They will receive a reward for their co-operation and Dr. Little will encourage them to brush and speak with them about the importance of their teeth.

Brushing For Babies

When your child’s teeth begin to appear, you can start cleaning them with a soft, damp cloth. Wipe gently over the teeth and gums to remove any milk residue.

Brushing For Children

As your child grows, you can start to introduce a soft children’s toothbrush to their routine. From around 2 to 6 years of age we recommend using a low fluoride based toothpaste. Once they switch to fluoride toothpaste, we recommend using a very small amount (approximately half the size of a pea). This is the case as most children will swallow a small amount. Children’s Toothpastes are specially formulated and have reduced levels of fluoride, which effectively protect and strengthen your child’s teeth.

Young children learn best by imitation. Brushing together can help make brushing a fun part of your child’s daily routine. Parents will need to help until they feel confident that their child can reach all the tricky spots and brush with confidence.

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